Jane Foddy ... jane@gingercatwillow.co.uk or telephone: 0773322 5284

I make willow sculptures almost entirely 'to-order'. I generally have a few large commissions on the go e.g. horses and stags but make smaller sculptures on request at the same time e.g. pigs, pheasants, chickens etc.

When someone requests a sculpture, we ask:

[WHERE] are you in the country? 
- We are in Wilmslow, Cheshire - my sculptures have reached northern Scotland, southern England and even central France. 

[WHEN] a sculpture must be delivered?
- is it for an anniversary, a birthday or Christmas? i.e. is it time critical?

[HOW] do we get a sculpture to you?
- Some willow sculptures can be sent by post in a box e.g. pigs, chickens to a small roe deer because they are compact.
- We use our preferred courier for large items such as life-sized horses and stags 
- We prefer pheasants and herons to be collected because of their long tails and legs.
- We've delivered some by car within about an hours drive of Wilmslow, Cheshire and met half way at motorway services.
- However, there are other possibilities:
- We got a 7 foot giraffe to central London via Essex and then by London underground!
Sculpture has always fascinated me and finding willow to use as a material has made it possible for me to become a full-time sculptor.

I make lots of different animals: pigs, chickens and herons are very popular, but my passion is for horses: Shetland and Welsh ponies, Shire horse, Cob and even unicorns. The challenge is to capture the essence of the breed and suggest character, movement and sometimes power in the sculpture.

Willow is great for making the elegant curves and unlike a solid material its open weave also casts interesting patterns.Willow sculptures are brilliant for bringing art into the garden – the natural materials blend well , capture movement and create wonderful shadows which change continuously.