Willow horse sculptures - here's a bit to read

Willow animals add interest year round in and around the garden and home. In the garden they serve to animate or personalize an open or secret space. Each part of your garden may have a different mood or feeling, which could be enhanced with a willow animal.

For example: a shady, untamed area may be the perfect spot for a small animal, or a group of willow pigs may wander through your vegetable patch. A deer may look over your long ornamental grasses or hide in the shade of a tree. A miniature horse may sit next to you on the patio or wander through your woodland. Herons may stand in the centre of your lawn where they’ll be seen from the house as they move in the breeze or sit next to a pond.

Sculptures add interest whether in an urban, contemporary or country garden setting. Our sculptures are light weight, which means they are easily moved as the season progresses and the focus of the garden changes.

Willow is such a fabulous material to use in sculpture because it is natural and totally sustainable; we buy our willow from growers on the Somerset Levels and Essex. Because our willow animals are handcrafted from a natural material, no two are the same. We treat our sculptures with oil or varnish to protect them, which also gives a glossy or matt look.

If you have a request just let us know and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. One such request was for a six foot giraffe.

In brief, our five foot giraffe, Geoffrey fit the bill and now travels secretly between gardens of two friends in London and Cambridge - it’s a long and unusual story. Geoffrey was collected in Essex and made his way to London on the Tube with one of his new owners. We wish we could have been there watching the reaction of commuters!